Undergraduate Education System

Department of Pharmacology

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Department of Chinese Materia Medica

Experimental Center for Teaching of Pharmaceutical Sciences


Research and Graduate Education System

Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Translational Research and Therapy for Neuro-psycho-diseases


Suzhou Key Laboratory of Aging and Nervous Diseases

Suzhou Key Laboratory of Drug Research for Hyperlipidemic Diseases


Center for Drug Research and Development

Suzhou Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine


Laboratory of Neuropsychopharmacology

Laboratory of Molecular Neuropathology

Laboratory of Chemical Biology

Laboratory of Molecular Diagnostics

Laboratory of Molecular Cancer Research

Cancer Pharmacology Laboratory

Laboratory of Lipid-Regulating Drugs

Laboratory of Cerebrovascular and Cardiovascular Pharmacology

The Laboratory for Targeted Anti-cancer Drug Discovery

Laboratory of Immunopharmacology


Laboratory of Medicinal Chemistry

Laboratory of Chiral Drugs

Medicinal Chemistry Laboratory

Laboratory of Drug Synthesis

Laboratory of Design and Synthesis of Novel Drug Molecules

Laboratory of Photosensitizer


Laboratory of Natural Product Chemistry

Laboratory of Drug Discovery and Synthesis

Laboratory of Natural Product Development

Laboratory of Chinese Medicine

Laboratory of Pharmacognosy

Laboratory of Natural Products and Fine Separation Engineering


Laboratory of Novel Drug Delivery System

Laboratory of  Targeting Drug Delivery System Design & Evaluation

Laboratory of Control Release & Drug Delivery

Laboratory of Nanomedicine and Molecular Imaging

Laboratory of New Techniques and New Dosage Forms of Drugs


Laboratory of Glycobiology and Glycochemistry

Center for Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics

Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Analysis and Quality Control


Laboratory of Biosynthetic Pharmaceutics

Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Biology

Laboratory of Peptide Therapeutics

Laboratory of Tumor Immunology


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