Faculty and Staff
  • Du-Xin LiAssociate Professor
    Liquid chromatography - Mass Spectrometry analysis of complex medicine
  • Guizhen AoAssociate Professor
    Drug Design, Synthesis and Activities Evaluation
  • Li CaoAssociate Professor
    Pharmacology of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders, Science of Chinese Drug Processing
  • Qingri CaoAssociate Professor
    Controlled Release and Enhanced Oral Bioavailability
  • Dawei ChenProfessor
    Drug Delivery System Design, Construction and Evaluation
  • Huabing ChenProfessor
    Multimodal Cancer Imaging and Therapy
  • Lifang ChengAssociate Professor
    Design and Evaluation of Functional Drug Delivery System
  • Liang ChengAssociate Professor
    Design of Functional materials, Evaluation of Targeting Drug Delivery System
  • Jinghao CuiProfessor
    Controlled Release and Drug Delivery System Desearch
  • Yibin DengAssociate Professor
  • Chunshan GuiAssociate Professor
    Drug Transporters, Pharmacokinetics
  • Lili HaoProfessor
    Fundamental Research and Application of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Hui HeAssociate Professor
    Synthesis and Evaluation of Photosensitizer
  • Liang Han
    Pharmaceutics and Targeted Drug Delivery System
  • Yanwei HuAssociate Professor
    Drug design, Synthesis and Evaluation
  • Jia JiaAssociate Professor
    Neuroprotective and Repair Mechanisms Following Cerebral Ischemia
  • Xiaogang JiangAssociate Professor
    Molecular Pharmacology, Pharmacoproteomics
  • Huanqiu LiAssociate Professor
    Drug Design, Interface of Organic Chemistry and Biology
  • Kai LiProfessor
    Molecular Diagnosis and Gene Therapy
  • Heran LiAssociate Professor
    Natural Products, Food Chemistry
  • Xiaoran LiProfessor
    Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Zhongqin LiangProfessor
    Cancer Pharmacology
  • Fang LinAssociate Professor
  • Chunyu LiuProfessor
    Pharmacology of Chinese Medicine
  • Feng LiuAssociate Professor
    Chemical Biology and Drug Discovery
  • Jiangyun LiuAssociate Professor
    Natural Product Research & Developement
  • Yanli Liu
    Cancer Pharmacology & Neuropharmaoclogy
  • Xinliang MaoProfessor
    Laboratory of Targeted Anti-Cancer Drug Discovery
  • Zhijun MingAssociate Professor
    Immunopharmacology, TCM Pharmacology
  • Chunhua QiaoProfessor
    Drug Design, Synthesis and Evaluation
  • Zhenghong QinProfessor
    Laboratory of Aging and Nervous Diseases
  • Xiaoyan QiuAssociate Professor
    Design and Selection of Therapeutic Peptides and Peptidic Tools
  • Haigang RenAssociate Professor
    Parkinson’s Disease and Molecular Neuropathology
  • Jianqing RuanAssociate Professor
    Toxicology and Pharmacokinetics
  • Rui ShengProfessor
    Cardiovascular Pharmacology & Neuropharmaoclogy
  • Wanping SunAssociate Professor
    Molecular Diagnostics
  • Xiaohui SunAssociate Professor
    Biophysics, Ion Channels
  • Xinchen TengAssociate Professor
    Molecular Mechanism of Tumorigenesis
  • Guanghui WangProfessor
    Laboratory of Molecular Neuropathology
  • Hongfeng WangAssociate Professor
    Molecular Neuropathology
  • Jianwen WangProfessor
    Biotechnology of Medicinal Plants and Fungi
  • Weipeng WangAssociate Professor
    Tumor Immunology & Drug Disposition
  • Yan WangAssociate Professor
  • Yipeng WangAssociate Professor
    Natural Bioactive Peptides/Proteins
  • Hongping XieProfessor
    Pharmaceutical Analysis
  • Meilin XieProfessor
    Drug Research for Hyperlipidemic Diseases
  • Guoqiang XuProfessor
    Mechanism of Drug Action, Proteomics and Protein Modification
  • Qiongming XuProfessor
    Chemistry of Natural Products
  • Hong YangProfessor
    Targeting Drug Delivery Dystem; Sustained and Controlled Release Preparations
  • Shilin YangProfessor
    Natural Drug Research and Development
  • Na YeAssociate Professor
    Drug Design & Synthesis
  • Zheng YingProfessor
    Molecular and Cellular Neuropharmacology
  • Hongjian ZhangProfessor
    Mechanisms of Drug Metabolism & Transport
  • Huiling ZhangProfessor
    Cerebrovascular Pharmacology, Novel Target and Drug Discovery for Stroke Therapy
  • Jian ZhangAssociate Professor
    Pharmacodynamic Material from Medicinal Plants
  • Li ZhangAssociate Professor
    Cancer Pharmacology
  • Liang ZhangProfessor
    Tumor Immunology
  • Shilei ZhangProfessor
    Medicinal Chemistry and Organic Chemistry
  • Xiaohu ZhangProfessor
    Drug Design, Synthesis and Evaluation
  • Xuenong ZhangProfessor
    Targeted Drug Delivery System and Evauation
  • Yi ZhangAssociate Professor
    Molecular Cancer Research and Pharmacology
  • Zhenqing ZhangProfessor
  • Xuechu ZhenProfessor
    Neurospychopharmacology & CNS Drug Discovery
  • Longtai ZhengAssociate Professor
  • Jianqin ZhouAssociate Professor
    Enzyme Engineering
  • Liang ZhouAssistant Professor
    Mechanism of Drug Action, Proteomics and Protein Modification
  • Yi ZhuAssociate Professor
    Mechanism of hyperalgesia in primary afferent
  • Yongming ZhuProfessor
    Drug Design and Synthesis
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