• Qingri CaoAssociate Professor
    Controlled Release and Enhanced Oral Bioavailability
  • Dawei ChenProfessor
    Drug Delivery System Design, Construction and Evaluation
  • Huabing ChenProfessor
    Multimodal Cancer Imaging and Therapy
  • Lifang ChengAssociate Professor
    Design and Evaluation of Functional Drug Delivery System
  • Liang ChengAssociate Professor
    Design of Functional materials, Evaluation of Targeting Drug Delivery System
  • Jinghao CuiProfessor
    Controlled Release and Drug Delivery System Desearch
  • Yibin DengAssociate Professor
  • Liang Han
    Pharmaceutics and Targeted Drug Delivery System
  • Hong YangProfessor
    Targeting Drug Delivery Dystem; Sustained and Controlled Release Preparations
  • Xuenong ZhangProfessor
    Targeted Drug Delivery System and Evauation
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