Targeting Drug Delivery Dystem; Sustained and Controlled Release Preparations
Hong Yang

Research interests:
1. Molecular targeted therapy
2. Microparticles and nanoparticles for drug delivery
Representative publications:
1. Preparation,characterization and anticancer therapeutic efficacy of cisplatin-loaded non-phospholipid vesicles.Hong Yang; 2013,30,237-244.
2. Sensitivity and specificity enhanced enzyme-linked immunesorbent assay by rational hapten modification and heterogeneous antibody/coating antigen combinations for the detection of melanmin in milk,milk powder and feed samples.Biyun Cao; 2013,116,173-180.
3. Development pf a highly sensitive and specific enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay(ELISA) for the detection of phenylethanolamine A in tissue and feed samples and confirmed by liquid chromatography tandem mass spectromtry(LC-MS/MS).Biyun Cao; 2013,115,624-630.
4. Studies on transdermal diffusion of fluorouracil in niosomal gels in vitro.Huimin Liu; China J.Pharm.Sci.2012,27,388-390.
5. Studies on transdermal diffusion of fluorouracil in niosomal gels in vitro.Huimin Liu;,2011,31,1414-1416.
6. Preparation of CDDP incorporated stealth niosomes and their properties after conjugation with BSA.Hong Yang; Drugs.2009,18,668-671.
7. Preparation of cis-diamminedichloroplatinum niosomes and its in vivo anti-tumor activitu.Hong Yang; Drugs.2009,18,545-548.
8. Influence of different conjugated proteins on physical and chemical properties of cisplatin-loaded Plu-Chol niosomes.Jingjing Wu; China J.Pharm.Sci.2009,24,126-129.

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