Drug Delivery System Design, Construction and Evaluation
Dawei Chen
B.S. Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, 1982
M.S. Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, 1986
Ph.D. Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, 2000

Research interests:
1. Targeting DDS using nanotechnology
2. Medicinal polymer materials and its biomedical application
3. Therapeutic gene delivery system using nonviral vectors
Representative publications:
1. Drug pH-sensitive release in vitro and targeting ability of polyamidoamine dendrimer complexes for tumor cells.Liu Dan,et.a1.Chem Pharm Bull,2011,59(1):63-71.
2. Galactosylated solid lipid nanopartocles with cucurbitacin B improves the liver targetability.Wang Wenyu,et.a1.Drug Deliv,2010,17(3):114-122.
3. Slef-assembled drug delivery systems.Part 5:Self-assemblies of a bolaamphiphilic prodrug containing dual zidovudine.Jin Yiguang,et.a1.Int J Pharm,2010,386(1-2):268-274.
4. Morphological transformation of self-assembled nanostructures prepared from cholesteryl acyl didanosine and the optimal formulation of nanoparticulate systems:Effects of solvents,acyl chain length and poloxamer 188.Jin Yiguang,et.a1.J Colloid InterfSci,2008,326:275-282.
5. Preparation,characterization,and evaluation of liposmal ferulic acid in vitro and in vivo.Qin Jing,et,a1,Drug Dev Ind Pharm,2008,34(6):602-608.
6. Self-assembled drug delivery systems 2.Cholesteryl derivatives of antiviral nucleoside analogues:Synthesis,properties and the vesicle formation.Jin J Pharm,2008,350(1-2):330-337.
7. Lectin-conjugated PLGA nanoparticles loaded with thymopentin:Ex vivo bioadhesion and in vivo biodistribution.Yin Control Release,2007,123(1):27-38.
8. Effect of bee venom peptide-copolymer interactions on thermosensitive hydrogel delivery systems.Qiao Mingxi,et.a1.Int J Pharm,2007,345(1-2):116-124.

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