Pharmaceutics and Targeted Drug Delivery System
Liang Han

Ph.D. Fudan University,2012
Postdoctoral Associate Yale University,2012-2015

Research interests

The research emphasis in his lab is mainly put on the systemic drug delivery systems for targeted and controllable delivery to brain, cancers, diabetes and obesity. The details are:

1) Targeted delivery of the CRISPR/CAS systems

2) Targeted delivery of H2O2/O2- and pH- dual-dependent fluorescence system for tumor imaging

3) Tumor microenvironment-responsive micelles to overcome the IFP for targeted tumor delivery

4) The design of polypeptide for treatment of diabetes and obesity and so on……



He has published 22 SCI peer-reviewed research papers in top SCI journals including Advanced MaterialsACS Nano, SmallNanomedicine, BiomaterialsAdvanced Healthcare Materialsand Molecular Pharmaceutics. Of all, 9 SCI research papers were first-authored (ACS Nano, SmallNanomedicine, Biomaterials, Advanced Healthcare Materials, and Molecular Pharmaceutics). The sum of impact factor for these first-authored papers is 65.728. He published 1 review paper in core journal in Chinese, file 1 US patents and was granted 6 China patents. He is an academic editor for Medicine Journal and reviewer for Biomaterials and Journal of Controlled Release. He also received travel award from Eli Lilly Company as unique Asian student (1/3, worldwide) for attending “the 25th American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists Annual Meeting” in 2011, gave poster presentation during the conference, and got high approval from experts. 


1) Han L, Cai Q, Tian D, Kong DK, Gou X, Chen Z, Strittmatter SM, Wang Z, Sheth KN, Zhou J. Targeted drug delivery to ischemic stroke via chlorotoxin-anchored, lexiscan-loaded nanoparticles. Nanomedicine. 2016 Mar 30. pii: S1549-9634(16)30018-1.

2) Han L, Kong DK, Zheng MQ, Murikinati S, Ma C, Yuan P, Li L, Tian D, Cai Q, Ye C, Holden D, Park JH, Gao X, Thomas JL, Grutzendler J, Carson RE, Huang Y, Piepmeier JM, Zhou J. Increased Nanoparticle Delivery to Brain Tumors by Autocatalytic Priming for Improved Treatment and Imaging. ACS Nano. 2016 Apr 26;10(4):4209-18.

3) Han L, Liu M, Ye D, Zhang N, Lim E, Lu J, Jiang C. Tumor cell membrane-targeting pH-dependent electron donor-acceptor fluorescence systems with low background signals. Biomaterials, 2014, 35(9):2952-2960.

4) Han L, Guo Y, Ma H, He X, Kuang Y, Zhang N, Lim E, Zhou W, Jiang C. Acid Active Receptor-Specific Peptide Ligand for In Vivo Tumor-Targeted Delivery. Small, 2013, 9(21):3647-3658.

5) Han L, Ma H, Guo Y, Kuang Y, He X, Jiang C. pH-Controlled Delivery of Nanoparticles into Tumor Cells. Adv Healthc Mater, 2013, 2(11):1435-1439.

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11) Strohbehn G, Coman D, Han L, Ragheb RR, Fahmy TM, Huttner AJ, Hyder F, Piepmeier JM, Saltzman WM, Zhou J. Imaging the delivery of brain-penetrating PLGA nanoparticles in the brain using magnetic resonance. J Neurooncol, 2015, 121(3):441-449.

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22) Ke WL, Shao K, Huang RQ, Han L, Liu Y, Li JF, Kuang YY, Ye LY, Lou JN, Jiang C. Gene delivery targeted to the brain using an Angiopep-conjugated polyethyleneglycol-modified polyamidoamine dendrimer. Biomaterials, 2009, 30(36):6976-6985.

23) Huang RQ, Ke WL, Han L, Liu Y, Shao K, Ye LY, Lou JN, Jiang C, Pei YY.  Brain-targeting mechanisms of lactoferrin-modified DNA-loaded nanoparticles. J Cereb Blood Flow Metab, 2009, 29(12):1914-1923.

Authorized patents

1) HAN LIANG, JIANG CHEN, HUANG RONGQIN, KE WEILUN. Polypeptide-modified liver tumor-targeted nano medicine delivery system and preparation method thereof (China patent 200910198450.5).

2) HAN LIANG, JIANG CHEN, HUANG RONGQIN. Tumor-targeted diagnosis nuclear magnetic resonance contrast agent and preparation method thereof (China patent 201010286508.4).

3) HAN LIANG, JIANG CHEN. Tumor active targeting nano drug delivery system controlled by slightly acidic environment, and preparation method thereof (China patent 201210380988.X).

4) JIANG CHEN, HAN LIANG, HUANG RONGQIN. Tumor-targeting double-drug carrying and delivery system and preparation method thereof (China patent 201010286479.1).

5) HAN LIANG, JIANG CHEN. Slightly acidic environment targeted polypeptide modified tumor targeted nano drug delivery system, and preparation method thereof (China patent 2012103809907).

Filed patents

1) “Compositions for Enhancing Delivery of Agents Across the Blood Brain Barrier and Methods of Use Thereof”, Jiangbing Zhou, Liang Han and Joseph M. Piepmeier, US Provisional Patent No. 62/147942, Filed April 15, 2015.

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