Chinese Materia Medica
Traditional Chinese Medicine
Xiaoran Li
B.S. Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine, 1982.

Research interests:
1. Basic theory of traditional Chinese Medicine
2. Compatibility of Chinese medicine prescriptions
Representative publications:
1. C28 sterols with a cyclopentane ring at C-22 and 26 from Cape gooseberry(berries of Physalispubeacens L.) Xu QM,et al. J Asian Nat Prod Res. 2010, 12, 752-759.
2. Three new triterpenoids from Pulsatillachinensis(Bunge)Regel and their cytotoxic activities, Shu Z, et al. Heterocycles. 2011,83,2365-2371.
3. Sunyktaneous purification of Pulchinenoside B4 and B5 from Pulastillachinensisusing macroporousresin and preparative high performance liquid chromatography. Liming Wang, et al. IndEngChemRes. 2012, 51, 14859-14866.
4. Antitumor activitu of Pulsatillachinensis(Bunge)Regel saponins in human liver tumor 7402 cells in vitro and in vivo. Xu QM. et al. Phytomedicine. 2012. 19. 293-300.
5. Li Xiaoran editor-in-chief, "cancer dietotherapy", Harbin:Heilongjiang science and Technology Press, 2010.

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