Chinese Materia Medica
Fundamental Research and Application of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Lili Hao
B.S. Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine, 1984
MSc. Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine, 1992

Research interests:
1. Clinical Materia Medica
2. Compatibility application and modern research of Chinese medicine
3. Application of Chinese medicine in health care
Representative Publications:
1. Quality standard for Pingweishu Capsules.ZHANG,S;et al. Chinese Traditional Patent Medicine. 2013, 35(4), 734.
2. Studies of Burnt Folium Nelumbinis in Anastalsis and Processing, LIAO,L; et al. Jornal of Chinese Medicinal Materials. 2010, 33(12), 1852.
3. Perspectives on Wumen Medical School's application of Lotus Herbs, LIAO,L; et al . Jiangsu Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 2010, 42(10), 67.
4. Perspectives on Knowledge Structure that Chinese Medicine Mentor Should Possess in reform and development. HAO,L;et al. Lishizhen Medicine and Materia Medica Research. 2008, 19(10), 2563.
5. Enrichment and antioxidant properties of flavone C-glycosides from trollflowers using macroporous resin, SUN,Y; et al. Food Chemistry. 2013, 141, 533.
6. Practical Medical Cuisine Therapy.Chief Editor.Harbin:Heilongjiang Science Technology Press. 2007.
7. Introduction of Traditional Chinese Medicine(National planning material for medical colleges and universities), Chief Editor, Beijing:Science Press. 2009.

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