Medicinal Chemistry
  • Guizhen AoAssociate Professor
    Drug Design, Synthesis and Activities Evaluation
  • Hui HeAssociate Professor
    Synthesis and Evaluation of Photosensitizer
  • Yanwei HuAssociate Professor
    Drug design, Synthesis and Evaluation
  • Huanqiu LiAssociate Professor
    Drug Design, Interface of Organic Chemistry and Biology
  • Heran LiAssociate Professor
    Natural Products, Food Chemistry
  • Feng LiuAssociate Professor
    Chemical Biology and Drug Discovery
  • Jiangyun LiuAssociate Professor
    Natural Product Research & Developement
  • Chunhua QiaoProfessor
    Drug Design, Synthesis and Evaluation
  • Qiongming XuProfessor
    Chemistry of Natural Products
  • Shilin YangProfessor
    Natural Drug Research and Development
  • Na YeAssociate Professor
    Drug Design & Synthesis
  • Jian ZhangAssociate Professor
    Pharmacodynamic Material from Medicinal Plants
  • Shilei ZhangProfessor
    Medicinal Chemistry and Organic Chemistry
  • Xiaohu ZhangProfessor
    Drug Design, Synthesis and Evaluation
  • Yongming ZhuProfessor
    Drug Design and Synthesis
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