Medicinal Chemistry
Medicinal Chemistry and Organic Chemistry
Shilei Zhang
B.S. Ocean University of China, 2002
Ph.D. Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica,Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2007

Research interests:
1. Design and synthesis of anticancer drugs
2. Developing efficient methods to construct privileged structures of drugs
Repeesentative publications:
1. Zhang,S.-L.;Xie,H.-X.;Zhu,J.;Li,H.;Zhang,X.- S.;Li,J.;*Wang,W.*"Organocatalytic enantioselective β-functionalization of  aldehydes via oxidation of enamines and their application in cascade  reactions".Nature Communications.2011,2,211.
2. Zhang,S.;Li,J;*Zhao,S.;Wang,W.*"1,3-Benzodithiole-1,1,3,3-tetraoxide(BDT)  as a versatile methylation reagent in catalytic enantioselective Michael  addition reaction with enals"Tetrahedron Lett.2010,51,1766-1769.
3. Zhang,S.;Zhang,Y.;Ji,Y.;Li,H.;Wang,W.*"Catalytic enantioselective  conjugate addition of flurorbis(phenylsulfonyl)methane to enals:synthesis of  chiral monofluoromethyl compounds"Chem.Commun.,2009,4886-4888.
4. Song,L.;Chen,X.;Zhang,S*Zhang,H.;Li,P.;Luo,G.;Liu,W.;Duan,W.;*Wang,W.*"An  Organocatalytic Approach to the Construction of Chiral Oxazolidinone Rings  and Application in the Synthesis of Antibiotic Linezolid and Its  Analogues"Org.Lett.2008,10,5489-5492.
5. Zhang,S.;Chen,X.;Zhang,J.;Wang,W.;*Duan,W.*"An Enantioselective Formal  Synthesis of(R)-)(+)-a-Lipoiv Acid by L-Proline-catalyzed Aldol  Reaction"Synthesis,2008,383-386.
6. Zhang,S.-L.;Duan,W.-H.;*Wang,W.*"Efficient,Enantioselective  Organocatalytic Synthesis of Trichostatin A"Adv.Synth.Catal.,2006,348,1228- 1234.

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