Medicinal Chemistry
Natural Products, Food Chemistry
Heran Li
Associate Professor
B.B. Shenyang Pharmaceutical College, 1998
Ph.D. Nihon University, 2008

Research interests:
1. Natural Products research; Marine Pharmacognsoy
2. Food Chemistry
3. Chromatography tech research;Purification tech research
Representative publications:
1. Effects of ultrahigh pressure extraction conditions on yields of berberine and palmatine from cortex Phellodendri Amurensis.S.Liu, Methods.Accepted.
2. Shun Liu,et.a1.Purification of eleutherosides by macroporous resin and the active fractions of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activity from Acanthopanax senticosus extract.Shun Liu, Methods.Accepted.
3. A new benzoquinone and a new benzofuran from the edible mushroom Neolentinus lepideus and their inhibitory activity in NO production inhibition assay.Yongxia Li, Chemistry,141,3,1 December 2013,1614-1618.
4. Eryngiolide A,a cytotoxic macrocyclic diterpenoid with an unusual cyclododecane core Skeleton Produced by the Edible mushroom Pleurotus eryngii.Shao-juan Wang, Letters.2012,14,3672-3675.
5. Dibenzocyclooctadiene lignans from Kadsura coccinea.Wen Hu, Asian Nat Prod Res.2012,14(4):364-369.
6. Susumu K.Kadsuralignans H-K from Kadsura Coccinea and Their Nitric Oxide Production Inhibitory Effects.Li H.R.,,2007,70(12),1999-2002.
7. usumu,Kadsuracoccinic acids A-C,ring A seco=lanostane triterpenes from Kadsura coccinea,and their effects on embryoniccell division of Xenopus laevis.Li,Heran; Journal of Natural Products.2008,71(4),739-741.
8. Aphthoquinones from twigs of walnut(Juglans regia)and their inhibition on nitric oxide synthesis.Li,Heran; Chanwu Yanjiu Yu Kaifa(2006),18(3),363-365.
9. New Lignans from Kadsura coccinea and their nitric oxide inhibitory activities.Li H.R.,,Chem.Pharm.Bull.,2006,54,1022-1025.
10. New Lignans from Kadsura coccinea and their nitric oxide inhibitory activities,Li H.R.,,68,1259-1265.

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