Medicinal Chemistry
Drug Design, Synthesis and Activities Evaluation
Guizhen Ao
Associate Professor
B.S. Fudan University (Shanghai Medical University), 1990
M.S. China Institute for Radiation Protection, 1995
Ph.D. China Pharmaceutical University, 2002

Research Interests
1. Design, synthesis and activity study of novel drugs for treatment of ischemic stroke. 
2. Design, synthesis and activity study of novel anti-tumor compounds, especially epithelial growth factor receptor inhibitors.
3. Design, synthesis and activity study of novel anti-inflammatory drugs, especially releasing gaseous signal molecular H2S.
Representative Publications (*corresponding author, # first co-auther)
1. Zhou X, Cao Y, Ao G, Hu L, Liu H, Wu J, Wang X, Jin M, Zheng S, Zhen X, Alkayed NJ, Jia J, Cheng J. CaMKK β - dependent activation of AMP-activated protein kinase is critical to suppressive effects of hydrogen sulfide on neuroinflammation. Antioxid Redox Signal. 2014 Mar 13.
2. Wang Y, Jia J, Ao G*, Hu L, Liu H, Xiao Y, Du H, Alkayed NJ, Liu CF, Cheng J. Hydrogen sulfide protects blood-brain barrier integrity following cerebral ischemia. J Neurochem. 2014, 129(5) : 827- 838.
3. Ao GZ, Chu XJ, Ji YY, Wang JW. Antioxidant properties and PC12 cell protective effects of a novel curcumin analogue (2E, 6E) - 2,6-bis (3,5-dimethoxybenzylidene) cyclohexanone (MCH) [J]. Int J Mol Sci, 2014, 15, 3970 - 3988.
4. Feng J, He X, Zhou S, Peng F, Liu J, Hao L, Li H, Ao G, Yang S. Preparative separation of crocins and geniposide simultaneously from gardenia fruits using macroporous resin and reversed-phase chromatography. J Sep Sci, 2014, 37, 314- 322.
5. Cheng J, Du YF, Xiao ZY, Pan LL, Li W, Huan L, Gong ZN, Wei SH, Huang SQ, Xun W, Zhang Y, Chang LL, Xie MY, Ao GZ, Cai J, Qiu T, Wu H, Sun T, Xu GL. Growth inhibitory effect of KYKZL-1 on Hep G2 cells via inhibition of AA metabolites and caspase-3 pathway and cell cycle arrest. Toxicol Appl Pharmacol. 2014, 274(1): 96 - 106.
6. Song H, Ao GZ*, Li HQ*. Novel FabH inhibitors: a updated article literature review (July 2012 to June 2013). Expert Opin Ther Pat. 2014, 24(1):19 - 27.
7. Gu WW#, Ao GZ#, Zhu YM, Sun SC, Zhou Q, Fan JH, Nobuhiko K, Ishidoh K, Zhang HL, Gao XM. Autophagy and cathepsin L are involved in the antinociceptive effect of DMBC in a mouse acetic acid - writhing model. Acta Pharmacol Sin, 2013, 34(8): 1007 - 1012.
8. Jia J, Xiao Y, Wang W, Qing L, Xu Y, Song H, Zhen X, Ao G*, Alkayed NJ, Cheng J.
Differential mechanisms underlying neuroprotection of hydrogen sulfide donors against oxidative stress. J Neurochem Int, 2013, 62, 1072 - 1078.
9. Xu GL, Du YF, Cheng J, Huan L, Chen SC, Wei SH, Gong ZN, Cai J, Qiu T, Wu H, Sun T, Ao GZ. Inhibition of inflammatory mediators contributes to the anti- inflammatory activity of KYKZL-1 via MAPK and NF-κB pathway [J]. Toxicol Appl Pharmacol, 2013, 272(1): 221 -  229.
10. Xu YY, Cao Y, Ma H, Li HQ*, Ao GZ*. Design, synthesis and molecular docking of α, β-unsaturated cyclohexanone analogous of curcumin as potent EGFR inhibitors with antiproliferative activity. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry, 2013, 21(2): 388 - 394.
11. Wu D, Ao G, Cao Q, Chen D, Cui J. In vitro and in vivo evaluation of ibuprofen-paeonol conjugate. J Control Release. 2011, 152 (Suppl 1): e98 - 100.
12. Xu GL, Liu F, Zhao Y, Ao GZ*, Xi L, Ju M, Xue T. Biological activity of 2- (4- aminophenyl) -3-(2,5-dimethylphenylpropenoic acids. Basic Clin Pharmacol Toxicol, 2009, 105: 350 - 356.
13. Xu GL, Li G, Ma HP, Zhong H, Liu F, Ao GZ. Preventive Effect of Crocin in Inflamed Animals and in LPS-Challenged RAW 264.7 Cells. J Agric Food Chem, 2009, 57, 8325 - 8330.
14. Xu GL, Liu F, Ao GZ, He SY, Ju M, Zhao Y, Xue T. Anti- inflammatory effects and gastrointestinal safety of NNU-hupa, a novel dual COX/5-LOX inhibitor. Eur J Pharmacol. 2009, 611: 100 - 106.
1. Ao Guizhen, Cui Jinghao. A preparation method of nonsteroidal anti-inflammation drugs and their analgesics and anti-inflammation. 2014, China, ZL 201010590911.6.
2. Zhang, Huiling, Ao Guizhen, Gu Weiwei, Xu Min,Song Heng,Luo Yu,Chen Shaohua. Application of (E)-2-(3, 5- dimethoxyphenylmethylene)-cyclopentanone in the preparation of medicine for treating cerebrovascular disease. 2014, China, 201210351375.3
3. Ao Guizhen, Xun Guanglin, Yang Shengwei, Zhang Ying, Hou Bingbo, Chu Xiaojing. Application of glycyrrhetinic acid derivatives in the preparation of medicine for anti-inflammation. 2013, China, ZL201210015822.8.
4. Ao Guizhen, Qiao Chunhua, Hou Bingbo, Cao Yi, Chu Xiaojing. Glycyrrhetinic acid derivatives and their application as antitumor agents. 2013, China, ZL201110139249.7.
5. Ao Guizhen, Hou Bingbo, Cao Yi, Yang Shengwei, Feng Jiangjiang. A preparation method of Resveratrol. 2013, China, ZL2011100076933.5.
6. Ao Guizhen, Huang Bin,Shi Liuliu,Yu Jian,Li Jing. A preparation method of memantine hydrochloride. 2011, China, ZL200810234787.2.
7. Xu Guanglin, Wu Hao, Tu Yifang, Cai Jie, Ao Guizhen, Sun Ting. Drug combination possessing antitumor activity. 2010, China, ZL 201010274385.2
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10. Zhang Yihua, Ao Guizhen, Ji Hui, Deng Gang, Peng Sixun. P-Methylsulfonylphenylpropenoic acids and their preparation and anti-inflammation. 2005, China, ZL02137920.3.
Selected Honors/Awards
1. Bank of communication teaching award(Suzhou University, 2013)
2. The Excellent guidance teacher of graduation practice (Suzhou University, 2013)
3. Excellent teaching achievement prize, the second prize (Suzhou University, 2009, ranking the first)
4. The guidance teacher of excellent graduation thesis of undergraduate (Suzhou University, 2008)
5. Construction Bank teaching award(Suzhou University, 2007)
6. Excellent teaching achievement prize, the second prize (Suzhou University, 2007, ranking the first)
7. Chen Jinrong life science talent award (Science class) (Suzhou University, 2005)
8. Excellent teaching achievement prize, the second prize (Suzhou University, 2004, ranking the second)
9. The fifth Servier medicinal chemistry(2002)

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