The college now has 86 employees including 77 teaching and research faculties, 3 research assistants and 6 management staffs. There are 25 full professors and 28 associate professors in many of our faculty. Its members have been awarded numerous honors, such as China National Funds for Distinguished Young Scientists and State Council Expert for Special Allowance. Among the part-time professors, 15 are joint interdisciplinary professors from other universities in China, and 10 are visiting professors from international universities.
  • Li CaoAssociate Professor
    Pharmacology of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders, Science of Chinese Drug Processing
  • Jia JiaAssociate Professor
    Neuroprotective and Repair Mechanisms Following Cerebral Ischemia
  • Xiaogang JiangAssociate Professor
    Molecular Pharmacology, Pharmacoproteomics
  • Kai LiProfessor
    Molecular Diagnosis and Gene Therapy
  • Zhongqin LiangProfessor
    Cancer Pharmacology
  • Fang LinAssociate Professor
  • Yanli Liu
    Cancer Pharmacology & Neuropharmaoclogy
  • Xinliang MaoProfessor
    Laboratory of Targeted Anti-Cancer Drug Discovery
  • Zhijun MingAssociate Professor
    Immunopharmacology, TCM Pharmacology
  • Zhenghong QinProfessor
    Laboratory of Aging and Nervous Diseases
  • Haigang RenAssociate Professor
    Parkinson’s Disease and Molecular Neuropathology
  • Rui ShengProfessor
    Cardiovascular Pharmacology & Neuropharmaoclogy
  • Wanping SunAssociate Professor
    Molecular Diagnostics
  • Xiaohui SunAssociate Professor
    Biophysics, Ion Channels
  • Guanghui WangProfessor
    Laboratory of Molecular Neuropathology
  • Hongfeng WangAssociate Professor
    Molecular Neuropathology
  • Yan WangAssociate Professor
  • Meilin XieProfessor
    Drug Research for Hyperlipidemic Diseases
  • Guoqiang XuProfessor
    Mechanism of Drug Action, Proteomics and Protein Modification
  • Zheng YingProfessor
    Molecular and Cellular Neuropharmacology
  • Huiling ZhangProfessor
    Cerebrovascular Pharmacology, Novel Target and Drug Discovery for Stroke Therapy
  • Li ZhangAssociate Professor
    Cancer Pharmacology
  • Yi ZhangAssociate Professor
    Molecular Cancer Research and Pharmacology
  • Xuechu ZhenProfessor
    Neurospychopharmacology & CNS Drug Discovery
  • Longtai ZhengAssociate Professor
  • Liang ZhouAssistant Professor
    Mechanism of Drug Action, Proteomics and Protein Modification
  • Yi ZhuAssociate Professor
    Mechanism of hyperalgesia in primary afferent
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