Molecular Neuropathology
Hongfeng Wang
Associate Professor
B.S. University of Science and Technology of China, 2004
Ph.D. University of Science and Technology of China, 2009

Research interests:
1. Pathogenesis studies of neurological disorders and potential therapeutic target
2. Protein quality control in neurodegenerative diseases
Representative publications:
1. The Ubiquitin Proteasome System as a Potential Target for the Treatment of Neurodegenerative Diseases. Ying, Z.; Curr Pharm Des. 2013, 19(18):3305-14.
2. Ataxin-3 regulates aggresome formation of Copper-Zinc Superoxide Dismutase (SOD1) by Editing K63-linked Polyubiquitin Chains. Wang, H.;  Biol Chem. 2012, 287(34):28576-85.
3. The ER-associated degradation system regulates aggregation and degradation of mutant neuroserpin. Ying, Z.; J Biol Chem. 2011, 286(23):20835-44.
4. p45, an ATPase subunit of the 19S proteasome, targets the polyglutamine disease protein ataxin-3 to the proteasome. Wang, H.; J Neurochem. 2007, 101(6):1651-61.
5. Ataxin-3 protects cells against H2O2-induced oxidative stress by enhancing the interaction between bcl-xl and bax. Zhou, L.; Neuroscience. 2013, 243:14-21.
6. Bcl-2-dependent upregulation of autophagy by sequestosome 1/p62 in vitro..Zhou, L.; Acta Pharmacol Sin. 2013, 34(5):651-6.
7. DJ-1 inhibits TRAIL-induced apoptosis by blocking pro-caspase-8 recruitment to FADD. Fu, K.; Oncogene. 2012, Aug 14;7(1):40.
8. Parkin mono-ubiquitinates Bcl-2 and regulates autophagy. Chen, D.; J Biol Chem. 2010, 285(49):38214-23.
9. Omi/HtrA2 is a positive regulator of autophagy that facilitates the degradation of mutant proteins involved in neurodegenerative diseases. Li, B.; Cell Death Differ. 2010, 17(11):1773-84 .
10. Degradation of TDP-43 and its pathogenic form by autophagy and the ubiquitin-proteasome system. Wang, X.; Neurosci Lett. 469(1): 2010, 112-116.
11.Gp78, an ER associated E3, promotes SOD1 and ataxin-3 degradation. Ying Z;et al.Hum Mol Genet.2009, 18(22):4268-81.

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