Molecular Diagnostics
Wanping Sun
Associate Professor
Ph.D. Soochow University

Research Interests:
Molecular Diagnostics
Selected Publication:
1. W. P. Sun, X. H. He, L. Q. Y2, D. P. Wang, Zh. H. Qin, Q. Fang, J. Wang. An Improved Polymerase Chain Reaction Method for Genetic Testing of Spinocerebellar Ataxia Type 3. Russian Journal of Genetics. 2011;47(10):1260-1263.
2. Li Xiao, Wanping Sun, Jia Zhang, Yanping Zhou, Linling Chen, Hanlin Gao, Pierre Sirois, Kai Li.  An Excess of G over C Nucleotides in Mutagenesis of Human Genetic Diseases. Mol Biotechnol. 2011.5;48(1):1-6. (Co-author)
3. Sun Wanping, Zhang Yuying, Wang Mingdi.Design on Monitoring Watch for Arrhythmia. Advanced Materials Research. 2013;749:273-276.
4. Shuyu Zhang , Xiaodong Yang , Judong Luo, Xin Ge, Wanping Sun, Hong Zhu, Weiping Zhang ,  Jianping Cao, Yinglong  Hou. PPARα Activation Sensitizes Cancer Cells to Epigallocatechin-3-Gallate (EGCG) Treatment via Suppressing Heme Oxygenase-1. Nutrition and Cancer, 1–10, 2014.
5. Wang Mingdi, Zhong Kangmin, Sun Wanping.  Design on magnetic damping pneumatic needle free syringe with separate cylinder and valve. Advanced Materials Research. 2013; 550-553.
6. Sun W-P, Zhuang Y-M, Sun J, Xie F, Wang F-M1, Zhang X-G. Characterization and application of one novel anti-human monoclonal antibody syndecan-1(CD138). Cellular & Molecular Immunology,2007.4(3):209-214.

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