Pharmacology of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders, Science of Chinese Drug Processing
Li Cao
Associate Professor
B.S. Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, China 2000
M.S. & Ph.D. Soochow University, China 2005 & 2012
Postdoctor The University of Wyoming, Wyoming, USA 2014

The research of Dr. Cao’s is pharmacology of Traditional Chinese Medicine, mainly focusing on endocrine and metabolic disorders. Her current research project is the effects and mechanisms of gestational diabetes mellitus on the development of brain and heart in Offspring, and high-fat diet on heart in Childhood.
1. Li Cao, Caiping Mao, Shigang Li, Yujuan Zhang, Juanxiu Lv, Shan Jiang, and Zhice Xu. Hepatic Insulin Signaling Changes: Possible Mechanism in Prenatal Hypoxia-Increased Susceptibility of Fatty Liver in Adulthood. Endocrinology. 2012;153(10):4955-4965.
2. Li Cao, Jie Pu, Qing-Ri Cao, Bo-Wen Chen, Beom-Jin Lee, Jing-Hao Cui. Pharmacokinetics of puerarin in pregnant rats at different stages of gestation after oral administration. Fitoterapia. 2013;86C:202-207.
3. Shigang Li, Qi Fang, Anwen Zhou, Lei Wu, Aiping Shi, Li Cao, Hui Zhu, Yujuan Liu, Caiping Mao and Zhice Xu Intake of high sucrose during pregnancy altered large-conductance Ca2+-activated K+ channels and vessel tone in offspring’s mesenteric arteries. Hypertension Research. 2013;36(2):158-165.
4. Feng Y, Caiping M, Li C, Can R, Feichao X, Li Z and Zhice X. Fetal and offspring arrhythmia following exposure to nicotine during pregnancy. J Appl Toxicol. 2010; 30:53-58.
5. Ming Z, Hu Y, Qiu Y, Cao L, Zhang X. Synergistic effects of beta-aescin and 5-fluorouracil in human hepatocellular carcinoma SMMC-7721 cells. Phytomedicine. 2010;17(8-9):575-580.
6. Jianli Z, Weili Y, Li C, Shigang L, Yuying Z, Zhen W, Caiping M. Muscarinic  effects and foetal cardiovascular and hormonal responses in utero. J Renin Angiotensin Aldosterone Syst 2009; 10:138-146.
7. Mao C, Zhang Y, Cao L, Shao H, Wang L, Zhu L, Xu Z. The effect of tanshinone IIA on the cardiovascular system in ovine fetus in utero. Am J Chin Med 2009; 37:1031-1044.
01/2014~12/2016: National Natural Science Funds of China (Grant No. 81302660), Ranked second
09/2013~12/2015: Jiangsu Province Postdoctoral Science Foundation (Grant No. 1302063C), Project Leader
01/2010~12/2012: National Natural Science Funds of China (Grant No. 30902018), Project Leader
01/2008~12/2010: National Natural Science Funds of China (Grant No. 30871700), Ranked third
•Teaching Competition of Soochow University, the Second Prize(2013)
•Teaching Competition of Soochow University, the Third Prize(2006)

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