Neuroscientists Alan Frazer visited College of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Professor Alan Frazer, Christopher Ross and Anthony Grace visited the college of Pharmaceutical sciences on Sep. 16th upon invitation from the Dean of the school, Dr. Xunchu Zhen. In the Yunxuan building, the visiting professors had a small international neuroscience forum with the faculties and students from the college of Pharmaceutical sciences.
Professor Christopher Ross, professor and director of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences in John Hopkins University, gave a talk titled: “Neuropsychiatric disorders: from models to medicine”. Professor Alan Frazer, chair of Pharmacology in University of Texas, health science center at San Antonio, had a presentation titled “A ventral hippocampus to medial prefrontal cortex circuit is both necessary and sufficient for the antidepressant-like effects of ketamine”. And finally a nice talk ““The Circuitry of Dopamine System Regulation and its Disruption in Schizophrenia and Depression”was given by Professor Anthony Grace, a distinguished professor from University of Pittsburgh. The topics covered the research field of schizophrenia and depression, and animal models could be used for drug development.
In the discussion followed, Scientists had a free discussion on academic hot points that they all got interested in and also talked about the possibility of future cooperation.  

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