Teachers and Students in Our College Attended the 2015 Sendai Pharmaceutical Academic Conference

From November 16 to 18, Professor Guanghui Wang, Xinliang Mao in Department of Pharmacology, ,Professor Jinghao Cui, Huabing Chen and doctoral student Tao Yangin Department of Pharmacywent to Japan to attend the 2015 Sendai Pharmaceutical Academic Conference, which is sponsored by college of pharmacy in Tohoku University. There were 19 scholars from Tohoku University College of Pharmacy, Soochow University College of Pharmacy, Zhejiang University College of Pharmacy, Gifu Pharmaceutical University and other colleges and universities in China and Japan in the fields of pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacology or pharmacy, attending the meeting. In addition, 39 graduate students also made academic exchanges through posters.

Professor Masahiko Yamaguchi, dean of Tohoku University College of Pharmacy, made a warm welcome speech and gave high evaluation to the cooperation of Tohoku University with Soochow University at the opening ceremony. Meanwhile, professor Kohji Fukunaga couple, who have conducted a cooperative study with Professor Zhenghong Qin and Xuechu Zhen in our school, showed the guests around from beginning to end in person and provided a kind communication with them. Famous professor Tetsuya Terasaki in Pharmacy Department of Tohoku University also gave much attention to the meeting. He discussed future cooperation opportunity with two professors in our school-- Jinghao Cui and Huabing Chen. They made a preliminary agreement that they will hold once bilateral or multilateral academic conference with Soochow University and Tohoku University every two years, as the main body to promote academic exchanges and international cooperation.

During the visit, teachers and students from Our University visited the Tohoku University College of Medicine, in which Xun Lu had studied in, under the guidance of Professor Fukunaga Kohji.








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