Essentials of Organic Chemistry
Essentials of Organic Chemistry

Course hours: 72 Credit
For 2nd year undergraduate students

Course Description
Essentials of Organic Chemistry is an accessible introduction to the subject for students of Pharmacy, Medicinal Chemistry and Biological Chemistry. Designed to provide a thorough grounding in fundamental chemical principles, the book focuses on key elements of organic chemistry and carefully chosen material is illustrated with the extensive use of pharmaceutical and biochemical examples.

In order to establish links and similarities the book places prominence on principles and deductive reasoning with cross-referencing. This informal text also places the main emphasis on understanding and predicting reactivity rather than synthetic methodology as well as utilising a mechanism based layout and featuring annotated schemes to reduce the need for textual explanations.
* tailored specifically to the needs of students of Pharmacy Medical Chemistry and Biological Chemistry
* numerous pharmaceutical and biochemical examples
* mechanism based layout
* focus on principles and deductive reasoning
General Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry
Teaching Format
The course consists of Powerpoint lectures, question and answering, after-class reading, student presentation, group discussion, quiz, midterm and final exams.
Author: Paul M. Dewick
Publisher: Wiley
Language: English
Edition: 1st, 2006
Chunhua Qiao, Xiaohu Zhang, Hui He, Xinchen Teng
Students’ grade will be evaluated based on midterm examination (45%), final examination, oral presentation (10%).
Course Content
1. Molecular representations and nomenclature
2. Atomic structure and bonding
3. Stereochemistry
4. Acids and bases
5. Reaction mechanisms
6. Nucleophilic reactions: nucleophilic substitution
7. Nucleophilic reactions of carbonyl groups
8. Electrophilic reactions
9. Radical reactions
10. Nucleophilic reactions involving enolate anions
11. Heterocycles
12. Carbohydrates
13. Amino acids, peptides and proteins
14. Nucleosides, nucleotides and nucleic acids
15. The organic chemistry of intermediary metabolism

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