Testimonial from AIN NOOR UL

My name is AIN NOOR UL, I’m from Pakistan. And I belong to that area of Pakistan where the girl’s education ratio is very low. However, I struggled hard and earn a bachelor’s degree and then work for two years at a pharmaceutical company as a Quality Control officer. During my work, I felt that I should get higher education to improve my knowledge and bring betterment in Pakistan to beat the international level competence in the pharmaceutical field.

My wonderful journey starts in Sept.2018, when I was awarded a fully funded Chinese Government Scholarship (CSC) to pursue my master’s degree in the department of Pharmaceutical Analysis, College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Soochow University.

I was very excited to go abroad being an international student but also scared a little bit because it was my first time going to any other country. I was settled down in international students’ dormitory which is equipped with every possible comfort. When I got into my new lab, I was amazed by seeing that everyone was busy with their work but on the other side, they were always available to help me out on my single call. My supervisor guided me with kindness and my lab mates were very cooperative with me to get into the Chinese working style. We also liked to exchange language skills and culture with each other.  Within a short time, I felt Soochow University is my second home. Not only the university, but Suzhou city is also extremely beautiful and highly developed. Rule of law are well practiced which makes us feel safe to move around.

 I also interacted with faculty professors during my coursework. They gave us up-to-date knowledge to enable us to fight with international academicians. They taught us research skills and representation at the international level. This three years master’s degree has taught me a lot, ranging from self-discipline to teaming with colleagues in scientific research. Such a motivational environment made me interested to purse my PhD degree within the same premises with the belief that a post-graduate program will give me the knowledge and skills necessary to reach my final goal. Right now, in the year 2022, I am a happy 2nd-year doctoral student at the College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Soochow University.