[9-16]Neuropsychiatric disorders: from models to medicine


报告题目:Neuropsychiatric disorders: from models to medicine
报 告 人:Dr. Christopher A. Ross, Professor, The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine


Department Affiliation: Primary: Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences; Secondary: Pharmacology and Molecular Sciences; Neurology and Neuroscience, School of medicine, The Johns Hopkins University.
Degree: M.D./Ph.D., Cornell University
Rank: Professor
Director of Neurobiology Division; Director of the Baltimore Huntington's Disease Center at Johns Hopkins

 He uses biophysical and biochemical techniques, cell models, and transgenic mouse models to understand mental disorders processes, and to provide targets, for development of rational therapeutics. In recent years, he focuses on discovering mutation of calcium channel which proved involved in SCZ and bipolar by large scale, whole-genome studies using CRISPR/Cas9 technology.